• Researching NEW vehicle features for the future of:

    Car Sharing

    Car Services

    Ride Hailing

    Ride Sharing

    Car Pooling

    Van Pooling


    Courtesy Vans

    & Shuttles



    Future Mobility Vehicles

  • The Future is Built from History

    Sometimes to imagine the future, we need to look at the past.

    A Purpose Built Past

    The business of transporting people used to involve vehicles specifically designed for the task. Durable, iconic vehicles like London Taxi and Checker Cabs were made to convey for hire transportation at a glance.


    Designing the Future

    Today, we have an increasing mix of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) options. This new generation of mobility solutions, such as Lyft and Uber, got their start by using everyday automobiles, but they might not be the ideal way forward.

  • The BIG Question

    How can vehicles be improved to better serve drivers and passengers?

    New Applications for Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology WSJ

    Imagine how tomorrow's automobile could:

    • Increase comfort
    • Improve safety
    • Reduce cost
  • Who We Are

    We are researchers and futurists who study how shifting culture and emerging technologies

    may change products, services and business models.

  • What We're Doing

    We are talking to drivers and fleet owners about what you like and DON'T like about your vehicles.

    We also want to get your reactions on some futuristic concepts.

    We want to share some new potential features and get your input on which make sense in the real world.


    NOTE: We are NOT looking for confidential information about your company. We won’t ask you to disclose personal secrets or your ideas for the next big thing.

  • We're Looking for Fleet Folks

    We're interviewing drivers and fleet owners (small or large) who are responsible for buying

    and maintaining passenger-carrying vehicles.

    Interviews can be via phone or in person.

    • Each study participant will receive a generous honorarium (e.g., Amazon gift card or PayPal payment) as a token of our appreciation for sharing your brainpower. 
    • We're focused on individual owners as well as small to large fleet operators involved in ride-hailing, car sharing, car rentals, car/van pooling, courtesy shuttles, paratransit, church vans etc
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